John Coffey

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Six years after the last notes in Paradiso, John Coffey is back: with new songs, new shows, a new album in the summer and a lot of pent up energy!

From Russia to America and countless clubs and festivals in Europe. Until September 2016, when John Coffey stepped off the stage indefinitely. A time when the five members wanted to create unlimited space for new ideas. At the end of 2020, the hunger for what always brought them together arose again: the uncontrollable urge to get on stage, turn venues upside down and drag every visitor along.

David: "Sometimes it can also just be very simple. There is nothing nicer than making music with these guys again and being on stage. The fact that it then took us five years to get back together in a space just gives us unstoppable energy again.'

In November 2022, the band began recording their new full length album in complete "silence. This time with producer Adrian Bushby. The band got to know Bushby through his recordings of the album All That Divides by the befriended band Black Peaks. Bushby has worked in the past with Muse, Foo Fighters and The Darkness, among others. Last but not least, he also served as an engineer for the Spice Girls.

John Coffey