FAQ & House Rules


Read the terms and conditions / house rules that apply to the entire festival in the pdf documents below:
House rules festival Jera On Air 2024
Campsite regulations Jera On Air 2024


There is no age limit on the festival. People under 12 years old can only enter the festival grounds when accompanied by an adult (18+). People under 12 years old have free entrance. Please note that Jera On Air does not have facilities for children/babies, so we request that you act responsibly and with restraint.

It is not allowed for visitors to consume alcohol unless they have reached the legal age. The organisation is required to determine the legal age of a visitor, when in doubt the organisation will ask for valid personal identification.


Professional camera equipment is not allowed on the festival grounds, unless agreed upon by the Jera On Air organisation. 


Animals, cans, glass/plastic/pet-bottles, own food, sticks, sharp objects, weapons, drugs, nitrous oxide, chairs and any other object that might be considered dangerous by the organisers are not allowed at the festival site.


It is not allowed to smoke in the festival tents and other indoor areas. 
Cigarettes will not be sold to persons under 18 years old. ID is required. 


For more information on the campsite, check the campsite page.

Animals, glass, sticks, sharp objects, weapons, drugs, nitrous oxide and any other object that might be considered dangerous by the organisers are not allowed on the campsite.
You can however bring your own drinks, up to a maximum of 15 liters per person in cans and/or plastic bottles. You can also bring your own food.

Vehicles (cars, campers, caravans, vans etcetera), generators, gas burners, open fires and barbecues are not allowed on the campsite. It's not allowed to set up your tent at the parking area or to sleep in your car, van, camper or whatsoever.

Loud music is not allowed, please be considerate of each other.