Only people in possession of a camping wristband will get access to the campsite. A campsite ticket will give you access to the campsite on June 27, 28, 29 and 30.

These are the opening hours of the campsite:
Thursday june 27th 10AM - Monday july 1th 12:00 noon

You exchange your camping ticket for a camping wristband at the campsite entrance

Get your tickets for the campsite here!


Jera On Air’s campsite is guarded and located directly next to the festival.
As on the festival grounds you also have pay for food and drinks on the campsite with food/drink tickets.

Camping shop
Have you forgotten something? No worries. In our Campingshop you'll finds lots of stuff to make you happy. 

You can charge your mobile phone at the camping (lockers at the campsite). 

There are toilets present on the campsite free of charge. Use these and let wild urinating omitted out of respect for your fellow campers. There are hot water showers where visitors can wash and refresh themselves. 

Extra camp options
Do you want more luxury in your festival weekend? Make your stay more comfortable with our extra camp options. Are you ready for a luxury tent where that is allready pre-pitched or would you like to come over with your house on wheels? Jera On Air has a wide range of extra camp options. View them all here!

You can get a garbage bag at the campsite entrance to clean up your garbage. These bags can be handed in at the drop-off point on the campsite. 


There are a few house rules you have to comply with. When you buy a ticket you agree with these rules.

Animals, glass, sticks, sharp objects, weapons, drugs, nitrous oxide and any other object that might be considered dangerous by the organisers are not allowed on the campsite. You can however bring your own drinks, up to a maximum of 10 liters per person in cans and/or plastic bottles. You can also bring your own food.

Vehicles (cars, campers, caravans, vans etcetera), generators, gas burners, gas bottles, open fires ans barbeques are not allowed on the campsite. Small camping gas stoves (with a capacity of up to 250 grams) and small disposable barbecues are allowed and can be used on the central cooking area at the campsite.

Loud music is not allowed, please be considerate of each other.

Illegal camping is strictly prohibited. Besides that, it is not allowed to set up your tent at the parking area or to sleep in your car, van, camper or whatsoever.

It is not allowed to bring food and/or drinks in any package whatsoever from the campsite on the festival grounds.

Read all the camping house rules below: