There are all kinds of delicious snacks available on the festival grounds. There will be something for everybody. Vegetarian, vegan, french fries and snacks and a lot more. Bon apetit!


Paying by cash or bank card is possible at the booth for food/drink coupons. It is also posible to withdraw cash by bank card at the booth for "guestservices". 


At the guestservice you will be kept informed of the program and there is information where everything is located, information about facilities and information about public transport. During the festival, the info desk is the place for lost and found items. If you have lost something or you've found something that someone else has lost, take it to the guestservice. Visitors can go the guestservice with questions, problems, complaints and compliments and they can leave us suggestions.


Lockers will be available at the festival grounds and campsite.

You can reservate your locker here online:


Campsite (with possibility to charge your phone):

There are also lockers available, you can charge your phone with at the campsite (besides that, there are powerbanks at the festivalsite and the campsite).


The festival will have a wheelchairplatform at the Mainstage, Second stage and Third Stage. There will also be toilets and showers for disabled at the festival and camping. 

Do you have a disability and therefore wonder whether you can visit Jera On Air? Please send us an email at info@jeraonair.nl so we can see what we can do for you.


A first aid stand is present on the festival grounds. You can recognize the first aid stand by their cross.

Here also is the nursing mothers room. 

Ear protection
Be aware about the risks of exposure to loud sound and the importance of wearing hearing protection. Alpine will be present with a Retail Space for the sales of hearing protection products.  


In case of bright sunshine its recommended to bring sunscreen with a high factor. Drink plenty of water and seek the shade regularly. Be prepared for any type of weather. Provide yourself with rainwear and good shoes. Umbrellas are not allowed, but ponchos are.


There is a merchandise tent at the festival site. Here you can buy nice Jera On Air items, but also clothing and gadgets from your favorite bands.


This year you will also find a vibrant festival market on the Jera On Air terrain. Here you will find a wide variety of shirts, sneakers, bags, hats, jewelry, music and much more.


Of course we wish you all a special moment to ask your favorite bands for an autograph. That's why we have our very own signings. Let your favorite bands put there signature on your body, shirt or special Jera On Air flyers. Stay up to date by following the Jera On Air website and social media. Here we will let you know as soon as possible which bands you can expect and at what time.


Please follow directions to the Jera On Air public parking (follow P), it is prohibited to park your car next to the roads in the environment, you will be fined and the car will be towed away. There will be a strict parking prohibition in the town of 'Ysselsteyn' during the festival weekend. Follow directions near the festival. For parking there will be asked for a compensation. There will be security active at the parking area. Each parkingticket can be used for the whole weekend, you can leave and come back with your car.

It's not allowed to set up your tent at the parking area or to sleep in your car/van/camper. Instead, you can stay at our camping. We advise to buy these tickets (parking and camping) in advance with your festival ticket. Get your camping and parking ticket here.