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We have teamed up with de Effenaar and Dynamo to set up our annual band competition. On the 18th of June at 8PM we will host an online show with the 4 finalists. Go to (eventpagina) for more info.Out of the 124 applications, we have chosen 4 finalists: All Doomed, Mark Of Chaos, The Peterlees and Trust Us We’re Liars.  All 4 bands will soon be playing a recorded live show in the Effenaar. On the 18th of June we will host an online show, live from the venue of our other partner DYNAMO at their new mainstage studio. During this show we will stream all 4 bands for you, from 8PM till 10PM. 

You can decide which band has to be on the bill of Jera On Air 2021. So make sure you tune in on on the 18th of June at 8PM and let us know which band should win!

We have received many applications but because of the Corona Virus we could only judge the Dutch applications. We will do another international band competition close to the event of Jera On Air 2021. 

Our 4 finalists for June 18th are:

All Doomed, Post-hardcore, punkrock based in The Netherlands. For listeners and fans from Every Time I Die, John Coffey, Tusky, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Mark Of Chaos, a young, three-headed punk rock / speed rock band based in the Betuwe. Think: Tight, fast and hard. Think Mark Of Chaos.

The Peterlees, Punkrock, hardcore, rock & roll? One thing is certain, The Peterlees deliver 100% pure fucking energy! Inspired by bands such as The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Zeke and many others.

Trust Us We’re Liars, is a 4 piece post-metal/hardcore band founded in Delft. With hard hitting riffs, memorable lyrics and heavy breakdowns they'll make sure you bang your head.

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Dear fans of Jera On Air, We are very sad to announce that the 28th edition of Jera On Air wil not take place in 2020 but in 2021. The Dutch government prolonged the ban on large public events till the 1st of September. As Jera On Air was taking place on the … - READ FULL MESSAGE