By bus


To transfer from the train station to the festival grounds, there is a shuttle service from railway station Deurne that will take you to the festival in Ysselsteyn. These buses will take you to the festival on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be buses on these days, as well as Monday from the festival to the railway station. For a small price you will be dropped at the festival site. The buses will run every half hour.

Order here your tickets for the shuttle bus in advance! It is also possible to purchase this ticket at the station.

Times: Trainstation Deurne - Festival Shuttle Busses:
Thursday: 09:00 - midnight
Friday: 09:00 - 01:00 at night
Saturday: 09:00 - 01:00 at night
Sunday: 08:00 - 01:00 at night

Monday: 08:00 - noon

Please note: be aware of the limited public transport possibilities to the train stations in the evening hours. Last train in Deurne to Eindhoven: 23:35!

These shuttle buses are organised in collaboration with Hebben Tours


From Station Venray you can ONLY reach the festival site by bus 80 in the direction of Deurne. Exit the bus at stop: 'PROV. WEG, YSSELSTEYN', at 2.0 km from the festival or exit the bus at train station Deurne (where our shuttle service arrives).. Plan your entire journey here.

Please note: be aware of the limited public transport possibilities to the train stations in the evening hours.


Back from Jera On Air? If you want to return to the train station in Deurne on Thursday, Friday,  Saturday or Sunday evening from the Jera On Air terrain, you can use the shuttle bus to take the last train to Eindhoven and Venlo. Last train in Deurne to Eindhoven: 23:35! Last train to Venlo: 00:35 at night!


From major cities in Belgium and Germany:

This year, in cooperation with Maximal trips, we are offering the possibility to travel by bus from several cities in Belgium and Germany directly to the festival site. These buses are available on Thursday for the outward journey to the festival site and on Sunday and Monday for the return journey. You will be dropped off and picked up at the same place as the train station shuttle buses (~100m from the festival entrance). You can find more information, including which cities are offered, below and here.